Student Handbook 2021-2022


Undergraduate Communication Assessment (UCA)

New undergraduate degree students are required to take the UCA. Students who transfer an equivalent to COM 210 will be required to take the assessment prior to registering for COM 320. Students with a score of 4 or higher will be eligible to enroll in COM 320. Students with a score below 4 on the assessment will be required to take COM 300, Communication Essentials, a one credit hour course designed to enhance students’ writing skills. Students may enroll in COM 320 upon successful completion of COM 300 with a grade of “P”. Students are not charged a fee for the assessment and may take the assessment one time only.

The UCA will assess basic writing skills in three areas:

  • Grammar and mechanics
  • Style
  • Organization and development

For more information on UCA or COM 300, please visit Communication Assessments.