Student Handbook 2021-2022


Career Services

The Career Services office assists current for-credit students and degreed-alumni in the pursuit of their career goals by providing career coaching, resume and cover letter reviews, job search strategies, mock interviews, topical workshops, confidence building sessions, and Strong Interest Inventory assessments. Additionally, they provide connections to many employers by hosting employer Meet & Greets, employer presentations, an annual Internship Connection, an IT Cyber Connections event, an accounting Meet the Firms, and a general career fairs each year. Students and alumni can also participate in On-Campus Recruiting (OCRs), where employers interview students on location for a single day. Information about events and activities sponsored by Career Services, are emailed to students and alumni through the Career Services database at; therefore, it is important for students to activate their accounts, and review their Walsh emails regularly.

The Career Services office is located at the Troy location; however, appointments can be scheduled at the Troy, Port Huron, and University Center locations. Phone, Zoom, and email appointments are also available for your convenience.

It is recommended that students schedule an appointment with a career advisor during their first semester at Walsh to become familiar with the services offered and career events as well as establish a career action plan well in advance of graduation. Internships are an important part of preparing for a successful career transition and many employers interview and hire candidates well before graduation. Working with Career Services while pursuing your degree is strongly advised.

Some companies and organizations interview students utilizing the On-Campus Recruiting process. On-Campus Recruiting is primarily held twice a year, during October/November and February/March, however employers are able to set an OCR schedule at any time throughout the year. Students should plan to participate in on-campus recruiting at least three semesters prior to graduation. Accounting students interested in interviewing for positions at public accounting firms should plan to participate in September /October on-campus recruiting in their first semester at Walsh.

The initiative for finding employment remains with the student or graduate. Career Services cannot guarantee employment as hiring decisions are made by employers, but will assist individuals in their efforts to secure employment. Any student dismissed from Walsh is ineligible to utilize Career Services until reinstated.

Career Services Student Responsibilities

The manner in which students and alumni conduct themselves in the job search process affects the way employers view Walsh. Acting in a professional and considerate manner creates a positive impression and keeps employers coming back to hire students and graduates.

To be eligible for continued use of Career Services, students are required to:

Regularly update their resume, profile and contact information on file.

During OCR’s, inform Career Services when a position is secured or the student is no longer seeking employment.

During OCR’s, return phone calls or emails from employers and Career Services, even if the student is not interested in the position.

Prepare for interviews by researching the company and understanding the job responsibilities.

For off-location interviews, if an interview has to be cancelled or rescheduled, call in advance of the scheduled time to inform the employer. On-location interviews must be cancelled at least two business days prior to the interview in accordance with on-campus recruiting policies found on the Career Services Portal.

Be courteous and professional in interactions with employers and Career Services staff.

Ensure student’s voice mail greeting and name of the email address is professional and appropriate for employers.

Follow other Career Services policies and procedures posted on the Career Services webpage.