Student Handbook 2021-2022


Tuition Refund Policy

Refer to the Student Financial Responsibility section of the handbook. Students may drop classes through the fourteenth day of the semester. After the fourteenth day of the semester students will have to withdraw from courses and no refund or credit of tuition charges will be given during the withdrawal period. Students can add, drop or withdraw from courses online using the Walsh Student Portal or by contacting Records and Registration at When dropping online, check your schedule to ensure your class has been dropped.

Below is a breakdown of the Refund Policies: NOTE: Dates pertain to 11-week courses. Dates for courses that meet for less than 11 weeks may differ. Dates for these courses can be found on the Walsh Student Portal or in the course syllabus.

  • For courses dropped through the eighth day of the semester, 100 percent of tuition charges will be credited to the student’s account.
  • For courses dropped between the ninth and fourteenth day of the semester, 50 percent of tuition charges will be credited to the student’s account.
  • No tuition refund will be given for courses dropped after the fourteenth day of the semester (withdrawal period).
  • International fees are non-refundable.
  • Student Support fee is non-refundable unless all courses are dropped. 100% or 50% of the fee will be refunded based on when the last course is dropped. See refund dates. All accounts with credit balances (money owed to the student) will be issued a refund after the add/drop period and may take up to 14 calendar days to process. For financial aid students, If aid exceeds the tuition and fees charges, a refund will be issued within 14 days from the date the financial aid/scholarship was applied to the student account. Refunds from Title IV funds disbursed to accounts after the first payment due date will result in a balance due to Walsh. Federal regulations prohibit the use of Title IV funds to pay late fees. Direct deposit is available on the Walsh Student Portal. Checks are mailed to the address Walsh has on record and cannot be picked up.

Tuition Refund Policy Affecting Financial Aid Recipients

Refer to the Return of Title IV Policy in the Financial Aid section of this Handbook.