Student Handbook 2021-2022


Academic Advising

Academic Advisors provide support programs and services to assist Walsh students in achieving their goals.  An academic advisor is assigned after a student registers for their first course. Academic advisors are available to help students choose programs and majors and assist with selecting a career field. All students are encouraged to meet with an advisor during their first semester and thereafter as needed. Students are also encouraged to meet with their advisor if they experience academic difficulties, would like assistance selecting classes, have questions about their academic program, or seek tutoring assistance.

A student’s academic program plan is located in the Walsh Student Portal and outlines the course of study at Walsh based on the Catalog in effect at the time of admittance. Students may change their degree program, major, or update their program to the newest catalog year with approval of their advisor. All current admissions requirements and policies will apply.

Students are encouraged to review their program requirements each year. An advisor can confirm courses remaining for program completion and review the cumulative and major grade point averages to ensure that students are meeting the expected requirements. Students can check their progress by viewing their Program Plan through our online Walsh Student Portal system.

Throughout a student’s course of study, concerns of a personal nature may be experienced that could hinder academic success. Academic advisors are qualified to offer options or appropriate referrals to external resources for any personal counseling issues.

Change of Major or Degree Program

A student who would like to explore changing their major or degree program should schedule an appointment with their academic advisor to discuss available options. A student desiring to change their degree program or major needs to officially request this change by completing the Change of Program/Major form in the Walsh Student Portal.

A complete evaluation will be required to determine appropriateness and fulfillment of admissions criteria for the new degree or major. The student will be placed on the most current program of study and a new Program Plan will be created. All current admissions requirements and policies will apply. In addition, international students must see the coordinator of international student services so that proper changes can be made to their I-20s.

Disability and Accessibility Support Services

A student seeking reasonable accommodations based on a disability should contact a disability and accessibility support services representative immediately after being admitted to Walsh, or whenever they require an accommodation. A member of the disability and accessibility support services team will meet with the student to review documentation requirements and determine the proper course of action. Reasonable accommodations will be implemented in a timely manner when appropriate to provide access to education and programs at Walsh. Requests for accommodations should be made as far in advance as possible in order to provide the disability and accessibility support services staff ample time to make the appropriate arrangements.  More information can be found on the Academic Advising webpage.

New Student Orientation

New student orientation provides new students the opportunity to become acquainted with Walsh’s academic and administrative staff, policies, and student organizations. Information about location services and academic programs will be provided. The new student orientation is accessible in an online format, located in the Walsh Student Portal.

Request for Guest Student Status

Students must request permission through their academic advisor to enroll as a guest student at another institution. Enrolling as a guest student is permitted on an approved basis only. For more information, please refer to the Guest Student at Another Institution section of this handbook.