Student Handbook 2021-2022


Selection of Courses

Walsh does not specify or regulate the number of courses or credit hours selected by a student each semester, providing the student is in good academic standing. In undergraduate degree programs, Walsh considers 12 semester credit hours to be full-time. In graduate degree and doctoral degree programs, a student enrolled in 6 semester credit hours is considered to be full-time.

Upon admission to Walsh, a student employed on a full-time basis is urged to consult with their academic advisor concerning the appropriate course load. A student requesting any form of student financial assistance should inquire about the number of semester credit hours necessary to receive such benefits.

Although Walsh does not maintain a policy regarding the number of courses required each semester, the student should be aware of the time limitation attached to complete each degree program. More information about time limitations is listed in the Catalog in the sections entitled Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Requirements, Master’s Degree Graduation Requirements, and Doctoral Degree Graduation Requirements.