Student Handbook 2021-2022



There are six different types of holds that can affect a student’s registration: academic standing, administrative, admissions, final transcript, financial, and library. Students who have any of these holds placed on their record will not be eligible to register for courses, and must contact the appropriate office for resolution.

  • Academic Standing Hold – Applies when a student’s cumulative GPA falls below the minimum required to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Contact your academic advisor for resolution.

  • Administrative Hold – An administrator of Walsh has placed a hold to prevent the student from registering and/or receiving an academic transcript. Contact the Records and Registration office for resolution.

  • Admissions Hold – Applies to a student who has not attended Walsh for 12 consecutive months; has graduated; or has not provided the Admissions office with required documentation. Contact the Admissions office for resolution.

  • Final Transcript Hold – Applies to new students who have not provided Walsh with official transcripts from all colleges attended prior to registering for their second semester. Contact the Admissions office for resolution.

  • Financial Hold – A student owes Walsh for past tuition or fees. The hold will be removed once the student makes payment in the Business office.

  • Library Hold – A student has outstanding library fines or materials. The hold will be removed after the student returns the materials or pays the fines to the library.