Student Handbook 2021-2022


Confidentiality Statement and Security Information

Students who register online should be aware that the Walsh Student Portal is a fully encrypted website designed to protect confidential information. To further ensure confidentiality, passwords must be changed every 90 days. Please note that students are still responsible for preventing unauthorized access. It is important that students not share their login or passwords and to properly log out of the Walsh Student Portal when finished accessing information.

Identity Verification

Walsh verifies the identity of students enrolled in online distance learning courses through the establishment of unique username and passwords. This practice ensures that there is only one username and password for each student. These credentials are established during the admissions process and are required to access all online course resources and materials.

The Student Identity Verification Policy describes the procedures and methods of verifying and protecting distance learning student identity. This policy applies to all credit-bearing distance learning courses or programs offered by Walsh beginning with the application for admission and continuing through to a student’s graduation, transfer, withdrawal, or re-admission.

Walsh utilizes a secure login process to determine that the student who registers in an online distance learning course is the same student who participates in, completes, and receives credit for the course. Walsh delivers distance learning courses over the internet utilizing Moodle as the online learning management system (LMS). Upon admission, new students receive a unique user ID and a unique user-determined password to access Moodle from the Okta identity management service. User accounts are then encrypted and stored in Walsh’s Active Directory which is our authentication service. Moodle uses Okta authentication that recognizes credentials stored in the Active Directory in order to protect and verify user identity. No ‘Guest’ or any other third-party accounts are allowed to log in to the Moodle system.

Students are not allowed to change their user ID for any reason. The password must meet the following complexity requirements to enhance security:
• Have a minimum of 12 characters.
• Contain characters from three of the following four categories:
o English uppercase characters (A through Z)
o English lowercase characters (a through z)
o Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
o Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)

Complexity requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or created. Passwords must be changed every 180 days. Passwords must be changed significantly and the previous two passwords cannot be used.