Student Handbook 2021-2022


Academic Records and Transcripts

A student’s academic transcript reflects all courses taken, credit hours attempted, and grades received while in residence at Walsh; these are used to compute the student’s semester and cumulative grade point averages. An official transcript bears the Walsh seal, the registrar’s facsimile signature and transcript issuance date. Academic standing designations such as probation and dismissal are noted on the student’s transcript.

Graduate courses taken as part of the student’s undergraduate program are posted on the student’s undergraduate transcript. All grades and credit hours attempted and earned will be used in computing the student’s cumulative grade point average for purposes of graduation, with the exception of those courses and grades that have been replaced under the Course Repeat Policy. Courses repeated under this policy will be excluded from the cumulative grade point average calculation. Undergraduate courses taken by a graduate-level student will appear on a non-degree transcript and will not be computed into the student’s graduate grade point average.

Academic transcripts will reflect all courses taken, applicable credit hours attempted, and grades received while in residence at Walsh for all students including those who are readmitted or who change majors or degree programs prior to graduating from Walsh. Once a student graduates from a degree program, a new cumulative grade point average will be computed for the subsequent degree.

Academic transcripts are maintained in the Records and Registration office and are regularly audited and corrected as necessary. A student wishing to inquire about their record should contact the Records and Registration office at