Student Handbook 2021-2022


Course Waivers

Applicants may be eligible to receive waivers for required and/or elective coursework in a graduate program. Applicants will not receive credit for a waiver. A waiver requires the applicant to replace the waived course with an allowable elective course. Waivers may be awarded for coursework that is determined to be equivalent to courses required in the graduate degree program. Courses must have been completed at Walsh or at another institution prior to admission to Walsh. If the student desires to take a course that has been waived for a grade, they must contact their academic advisor.

Eligibility for a course waiver requires:

  • The coursework must be equivalent to a course offered as part of a Walsh graduate degree program.
  • The coursework must have been completed with a grade of “C” (2.000) or better, from a college or university accredited by and approved accrediting body as noted for admission.
  • The coursework must have been completed within 60 calendar months (five years) preceding the date of initial admission. Graduate courses taken within ten years preceding the date of initial admission in residence at Walsh may be evaluated for waivers with the exception of ACC/TAX courses, which must be taken within five years.