Student Handbook 2021-2022


Readmission to Walsh

If a student has not enrolled in any courses (as designated by the last semester attended on the student’s Walsh transcript) for 12 consecutive calendar months, the student must reapply for admission. At the time of readmission, all coursework will be evaluated based on current admission requirements; required coursework and acceptable transfer equivalencies; minimum grade requirements for transfer and graduation. Time limitations for eligibility/transferability as determined by each academic area may apply.

Readmitted students will be responsible for the degree requirements outlined in the Catalog year that they are readmitted and will receive a Program Plan detailing their degree requirements.  Students can only be admitted to programs that are in effect at the time of readmission. Students who are granted credit for previously completed courses at Walsh may be required to complete their program in a period of time not to exceed a maximum of 60 months from initially starting at Walsh. Transcripts of students who have been readmitted to Walsh will reflect all courses taken, credit hours attempted, and grades received while at Walsh.

Veteran students who were deployed or dependents of veterans that reapply for admission may petition to be readmitted under the same academic program and graduation criteria in effect at the time of deployment. A copy of the student’s deployment paperwork and length of stay will be required as part of the readmission process. Students in this situation should contact the executive director, admissions and enrollment services or designee, to provide the deployment paperwork so that their academic file may be updated. Upon return from duty, it is highly recommended that the student review the current and former programs with an academic advisor to see which program best benefits the student. If the student opts to move to the newest program, all admission requirements and policies of the newest catalog will apply and the student may not switch back.

Students who have been academically dismissed or placed on academic probation will be readmitted and must meet with their academic advisor to discuss eligibility to meet academic standing requirements. Please refer to the section on Academic Standing prior to reapplying for admission. Consideration of all prior activity, including student conduct, will be reviewed during evaluation and may be grounds for denial of readmission.