Student Handbook 2020-2021


International Students

Academic Advising

Academic advising provides support programs and services to assist international students in achieving their goals. All F-1 international students must meet with their international student advisor/DSO prior to their first semester and afterward as needed. International students should meet with an international student advisor/DSO if they experience academic difficulties, have questions about their academic program, or seek tutoring assistance.

The academic Program Plan can be accessed through the Walsh Student Portal upon admission. The Program Plan outlines the course of study at Mervyn B. Walsh International University (Walsh) based on the Catalog in effect at admission. Students may change their degree program, major, or update their program to the newest Catalog year, with approval of the international student advisor/DSO. They must also meet with the international student advisor/DSO to ensure appropriate changes are made to their I-20.

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor each semester. Their advisor may confirm specific courses remaining for program completion and review cumulative and major grade point average to ensure students are meeting expected requirements.

Change of Major or Degree Program

International students exploring changing majors or degree, or to add a second major, should see their international student advisor/DSO to discuss alternatives that suit the new interests. Change of degree program or major must officially be requested with their international advisor. A complete evaluation will be required to determine appropriateness and fulfillment of admissions criteria for the new degree or major. The student will be placed on the most current program of study and a new Program Plan will be created. All current admission requirements and policies will apply.

Financial Aid

International students with an F-1 visa are not eligible for federal or state financial aid. However, international students may apply for scholarships. For scholarship purposes, an international student must use an approved outside service agency to have an evaluation of international transcripts for U.S. credit and grade equivalents. Scholarship funds will not be awarded without a valid transcript. Contact the Admissions and Academic Advising office for further information.


The international student advisor conducts a mandatory international student orientation prior to the beginning of the student’s first semester. The student’s I-20 is distributed at this session. In addition, the orientation provides new international students with the opportunity to become acquainted with Walsh’s policies, curriculum, and most important, F-1 and immigration rules and regulations. Information about student organizations and location services is available. New students are notified of the date, time, and location upon admission.

Student Enrollment Classification

For visa status compliance, please contact the international student advisor/DSO.

Undergraduate International Students

Full Time: 12 semester credit hours or more

Graduate and Doctoral International Students

Full Time: 6 semester credit hours or more

Enrollment verification will be determined based on course-level enrollment (undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral) and classification based on number of semester credit hours taken. Only one online course may be taken each semester, per USCIS regulations.